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Leila Folger escapes the stifling misery of life with her American grandmother and goes to Samoa searching to connect with her mother's family. All her efforts to learn more about the mother she never knew are met with hostility. What really happened eighteen years ago when her father fled the island with his infant daughter? Why is everyone afraid to even talk about the woman he once loved? What is a 'telesā' and why does even the mention of her name strike such fear in everyone Leila meets? And why is Leila having vivid nightmares about a mother she can't remember?

Leila's quest for truth takes a thrilling turn when she meets Daniel Tahi, irresistibly compelling with his island-warrior tattoos, breath-taking jade eyes and golden smile. What is it in Daniel's mysterious past that binds him and Leila so closely? When Leila discovers she is heir to a fiery birthright, she must choose between the Sisterhood and the boy she loves. Can they overcome all that divides them, even the very elements?

Telesā:The Covenant Keeper is YA fantasy fiction set in the Pacific Islands and the first book in the Telesā Series by internationally renowned, award-winning author Lani Young.