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Lani Wendt Young Books

Love by Numbers - Paperback SALE SALE SALE

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Numbers are Tamarina's language. And there's no room in her equations for love. Or is there?

A gifted child who was bullied for being different, Tamarina had always preferred silence and solitude to people, using numbers as both a shield and as a way to navigate the world. When she wins a prestigious Math fellowship in the USA, she is excited about the prospect of submersing herself in the equations that have long captivated her. But then she meets Jacob, former international rugby player turned mechanic. Two people who couldn't be more different, who don't add up. So why can't she stop thinking about him? Why is it that when he smiles at her, it is more perfect than the solving of any equation?

A sweet sultry love story about a math genius and a mechanic, a STEM romance in Samoa.