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Fire's Caress: A Telesa World Novel !

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She's the brilliant sculptor taking the art world by storm, a daughter of Samoa returning home. He's the fiery remnant of her past, who appears on what should be a night of triumph, weighted with dark secrets that could destroy them both. Can Teuila and Keahi find their way, even as a deadly threat emerges? Because there's a new power on island, malevolent and hungry. His name is Marc Gold. His billion dollar vision of a virus-free Sanctuary in Samoa for the world's rich and privileged, threatens to wipe out an ancient settlement of the Aitu and awakens their retribution. There is a battle coming and it is one that could destroy them all.

This is a Telesā World novel which continues the stories of key characters from the Telesā Series. It can be read as a standalone book.