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Lani Wendt Young Books

Telesa World Print Books Package - Paperback

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All three Telesa World novels - Ocean's Kiss, Earth's Embrace, and Fire's Caress. Return to the Telesa world and reconnect with all your favourite characters. 

Ocean's Kiss

When danger threatens the island of Niua, an ancient weapon is unleashed and Daniel Tahi must decide if he will embrace his Tongan heritage and stand alongside the Vasa Loloa sisterhood of his mother's people. But even more challenging is the chance meeting with his birth father, and finding out the truth about what happened between his parents those many years ago.

Earth's Embrace

How do you contain a fire god?  All Leila and Daniel want is their 'happy ever after'. But there's a small problem - Pele isn't dead and gone. She may not be in control of Leila anymore, but she's still a brooding, simmering threat searching for a way out. The couple will need to turn to the ancient ways of the Taulasea for hope and healing. 

Fire's Caress

She's the brilliant sculptor taking the art world by storm, a daughter of Samoa returning home. He's the fiery remnant of her past, who appears on what should be a night of triumph, weighted with dark secrets that could destroy them both. Can Teuila and Keahi find their way, even as a deadly threat emerges? Because there's a new power on island, malevolent and hungry. His name is Marc Gold. His billion dollar vision of a virus-free Sanctuary in Samoa for the world's rich and privileged, threatens to wipe out an ancient settlement of the Aitu and awakens their retribution. There is a battle coming and it is one that could destroy them all.

Order this package deal and get all THREE separate print books posted to you.