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Lani Wendt Young Books

Mata Lulu - Paperback

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A collection for children of Fun, Fearsome, Fantasy Stories from Samoa. Recommended for ages 8 to 12 years, and for the child in all of us.

Stories inspired by our Samoan legends and mythology, from rich memories of a childhood growing up in Samoa, the fagogo of our elders, and woven with the uniqueness of life in contemporary Samoa today. Some funny, some scary, some a little bit fanciful, and all with Lani's characteristic creative flair and award-winning writing style that gave you the international bestseller TELESA. 

"We didn't have TV or internet when we were growing up in Samoa, and I was the self-appointed storyteller for my little brother and sisters. We'd spend weekends at dad's village Gagaifo Lefaga, be in our mosquito net, with the sound of the ocean under a starlit sky, pili mo'o scuttling through the fale rafters, and they would pester me for a story. They were a tough audience too. They didn't hold back with the complaints if they didn't like it! That's where my storytelling started and that's where many of the stories in this collection were first sparked."

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Also available in ebook format.